#27 Proposal to increase rewards (Approved)

TRON Foundation has proposed (https://twitter.com/justinsuntron/status/1175291716217102336?s=19) to increase the vote rewards to 160 vote / 16 block.

TRON Foundation suggests this has the following benefits:

  • Greater voter turnout
  • Fewer unnecessary dividend distribution transactions
  • More #TRON nodes and Partners.
  • Greater decentralization.
  • More global and community participants.


  • TRON Foundation runs a majority of the Super Representatives: BlockchainOrg, TheLastMe, TRONScan, TRONLink, callmeSR, BitTorrent, DAPPHOUSE, JustinSunTron, RayboTron, TRONALLIANCE, BitDogSR, uTorrent, EtherPoker. During the voting process TRON has increased their active SRs from 7 to 10 by voting in more of their Super Representatives. Thereby having enough votes to block other proposals and providing more votes for proposals they do support. An increase of rewards also mainly benefits their own pockets because their Super Representatives do no share the rewards.
  • Lowering the block rewards from 32 TRX to 16 TRX is not enough reason for other teams to stop running multiple Super Representatives. These teams are InfinityStones who run InfinityStones and KryptoKnight. And HitBtc who runs HitBtc, TRXUltra, MinerGate and Tronbite
  • High vote rewards mainly benefit Binance because it takes 58% of the voting rewards.


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Great overview by Sesameseed:

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