Community Node Airdrop GUI v.1.8.3

Community Node Airdrop GUI v.1.8.3 is now in production

If you haven’t already heard, the Community Node organization has created a set of tools for airdropping TRX and Tokens. Today we release the latest version of our Airdrop Tool!

Airdrops have been elusive to the community and anyone without coding experience, so we wanted to make a tool that allowed anyone without technical expertise to airdrop tokens with a fast, intuitive tool.

The tool works using CN’s TronHelp, or HELP, token (ID: 1000562). HELP is airdropped to all Community Node voters every 6 hours. This is in continuation of Community Node’s SR campaign.

The Airdrop Tool will use 1 HELP per address dropped with a maximum (for now) of 10,000 addresses per drop. The tool will tell you how much expected bandwidth, TRX bandwidth cost, and HELP you have available.

Version 1.8.3 introduces a new feature - the option of logging in with Tronlink instead of a private key. TronLink requires a confirmation for every transaction, so to save you from clicking on 10,000 confirmations we have the Airdrop Tool create a temporary Tron address for your airdrop. It will then sign 3 transactions - send tokens to the temporary address, send TRX to the temporary address (to cover the bandwidth cost) and finally send HELP back to Community Node. When your airdrop is finished, any leftover tokens and TRX are returned to your tronlink address.

You will be given the private key to your temporary address and it is your responsibility to check it and confirm that this address has been completely emptied. Once you close the Airdrop GUI Tool the private key will be destroyed. We do not keep a copy of it for backup.

Here’s a video of an earlier version so you can see how it works. Note that dropping to 10k addresses now only takes about 5 minutes!