Community SR Support Plan


In this topic everyone is free to ask questions and see the progress of the ongoing plans for a community support plan

Phase 1: Until April 28th

In the first phase Community SR’s have been given the chance to share their thoughts on the current situation and their requirements on what they would need to help grow their communities and projects

Some of the requests so far:

  • Replace TRON nodes with Community nodes
  • Improve marketing efforts for both TRON and Community Projects
  • Focus on building tools that help Community SR’s serve their community better

Communication currently happens in a telegram group consisting of community admins. This group accepts anyone who is a Super Representative or Candidate.

During this phase the TRON development team has been pushing to move discussions to an “official” telegram group where only top 27 Super Representatives could express their concerns, with as rule that only 1 representative per team could be present in that group. The majority of the Super Representatives and Candidates have expressed they feel that excluding Super Representatives would not result in better communication or results.

23 April

The TRON tech team has again reconfirmed that some elected SR’s are not “qualified” to participate in governance discussions because of several rules. These rules haven’t been made entirely clear yet besides the following comment from the tech team:

Marcus Zhao (TRON): The group is only for SR , on site for one SR , that’s the rule

Several SR’s have expressed that this will limit the free flow of communication but TRON has not yet reconsidered the rules that have been set for their channel.

28 April

Deadline for phase 1 has been postponed for a few days as requested by some of the SR’s

Bruce (TRON) According to the feedback from SRs, in order to give the SRs more time to fill the sheet, each step has been postponed for almost 1 week.

  1. till 5 May UTC 0:00, collecting contributions and requirements tage;
  2. from 6 May to 15 May, contributions and requirements review and discussion;
  3. from 18 May to 29 May, making support plan and plan review;
  4. on 1 June, to present the support plan;

Getting those TRON Nodes out of the top 27 so cumminty nodes get a change be get in the top 27. To me is essential for TRON to stay decentrilized end for for the voting on proposals to be legit.

That there is even talk about this subject is a good first step.

Anyone know if there are new developments, on this topic?