Eggies World - How to Play

A Guide to the Early Days of Eggies World.

(A beginners guide…but know that even by the time I have finished typing this, things could have changed. Evolve to thrive on Eggies World!)

You arrive on a distant, alien Planet…

Pic from: Eggies World

It has taken you many hours of walking to seek out this exact spot in Eggies World. You are not the first, and you will not be the last, but you still cannot help but wonder if the tales of strange monsters, waiting to be hatched, are real or just fairy tales told to gullible tourists….Read more HERE

For a quick guide go here…or a Video Overview Here

For those who would like more detailed info read on…

Step 1 : You will need to download a digital wallet that holds Tron Tokens (TRC 10). Each wallet has the ability to hatch a Unique Monster. A fresh, new wallet will work best.

For more information on wallets Read Here

Step 2: You will need to have one of the special Tron Token EGGs in order to play Eggies World. You can buy an EGG in-game. You will also be able to name your Monster — so start thinking of a good name now.

A list of all the current EGGs tokens are here

Step 3: Fill your wallet with Tron Tokens to feed your Monster. They will eat them, so only feed them Tokens you do not want. There will be opportunities to get more Tokens to feed your Monster in the game too.

Step 4: Make a note of the effect of each Token. The tokens they like will grow their Physical Attributes such as Speed, Defense, Accuracy etc. And develop their Personality Traits such as Evil, Happy, Loyal etc. The ones they Dislikes will decrease their Stats.

Step 5: In order to Hatch your EGG into a Monster you will need to feed it tokens that increase both Happiness and Experience.

A HEARTPACK is a special Eggies World Partner Item that will help you achieve this more quickly if you so desire.

You will need to log out, then in again, to see your newly hatched Monster. Read more about Hatching your Monster Here

Once Hatched your Monster will want to fight…

Pic from: Tveebs — Eggies World

Step 6: Once hatched be sure to fully feed your Monster enough Tron Tokens so they are ready to fight. Once fully fed they can be entered into a battle.

Step 7: As your Exp Level increases you will gain new Attacks, until all 4 spots are filled. You can buy a ReRoll token from Prof Eggies’ Hideout if you wish to try for a different attack.

Don’t like your Attacks? ReRoll and take your chances with a new one.

You can choose to Attack or Aid another Monster by selecting the Fist or Fight Icon next to their name on the Battlefield or on their Monster Page.

If you want to read more about Prof Eggies Hideout, then go here

Step 8: Attacks cost ORBZ (find out more about the Eggies World in-game token here) and AP (Attack points). You can see how many you have available on your Monster Page or at the bottom of the Battlefield.

Read more about ORBZ here

Step 9: Attack/Aid often as each time you do you have the chance to gain Exp, Token Loot or ORBZ.

Step 10: You can train Monsters too. Different landscapes offer different benefits and negatives. Training costs Trx but can be a quick way to develop a higher level fighter.

Read more about Training here

Step 11: The Main Battleground can reset several times a day but you never quite know when it will and this could change as more Battle styles are introduced.

Once it does reset, your Monster’s daily Exp will drop to Zero again and you will need to feed it. You may need to Log out, and in again, if you were online when this happened.

You can also check the Rewards section to see whether your Team won Trx. The losing team will also be rewarded with ORBZ.

Step 12: Once you become more experienced with the game you can consider joining other Battlegrounds. Some will have an entry fee or require certain EGGs or levels of Exp.

Monsters like to be Social…

Image from: Eggies World

Step 13: You can chat, thank and trash-talk other Monsters in the form of Emotes. Look for the speech bubble sign next to their name. It is also a good way to request help when you need Cleansing.

Read more about Emotes here

The best way to Learn is by Doing…

Image from: Eggies World

Step 15: There are lots of tips in this article but one of the best ways to find out more is to just start playing. Click around…swipe up and down…tap the screen…watch your Monster eat and move between different Eggies World landscapes. Attack and be attacked….each time learning how best to fight next time.

Step 16: Check out Professor Eggies Hideout when it appears. You can find some cool Items and tokens that will help your Monster.

Step 17: Check out any Mini Games and Special Events that may be on offer. Some only appear for a limited time.

Step 18: Consider Sending your EGG to the LAB to get a Rarer Monster. Read more about The Lab HERE

Step 19 : Most of all though get to know your new Best Friend and Enjoy!