FIGHTron - Jackpot, Daily Bonuses, Auction, Tokens Market, Cashback, etc

What is FIGHTron ?

  • 100% mobile and tabs friendly UI/UX
  • All DApps and features are based on Smart contracts only - Fair play.
  • Insanely beautiful DICE, GEM and absolutely new DApp ODIN. And X-HIT Fighters is coming soon
  • Unique JACKPOT system with Slot machine
  • DIVIDENDS and FGT coins mining
  • in-House FGT Tokens Buy&Sell Market
  • REFERRAL system 0.2% TRX and 10% FGT of your friends wins
  • AUCTION game
  • Everyday DAILY Bonuses
  • CASHBACK system (coming soon)
  • First DApp Social Network (coming soon)

Our platform is going to be the most wonderful place for truly players.

BET. MINE. EARN and be the best FIGHTER


:white_check_mark: Glad to announce FIGHTRON Contest - Wager WAR .

:fire:Wager WAR is 96h contest with a total Bank of 250 000 TRX.

  1. 200 000 TRX will be distributed among TOP-15 Wagers

  2. Everyday +12 000 TRX will be added to the Daily Bank

  3. 2000 TRX will be airdropped randomly

** 1 FGT bet = 10 TRX bet :point_up_2:*