Foundation Missing Funds

Tron foundation account funds

This is a post I hoped we as community never had to make. But there is something you all need to know.

Form the moment the Tron Foundation unfroze there foundation accounts, we started tracking the balance of those accounts. At first it all seemed fine, so we sort of forgot about it for a little while.

After some time I ran the tracker again, and there were some funds missing from two accounts:

  • TEydVQ17YRqnyJFnq29iBBh9rjUFexBz5i
  • THhKdniCH8X2xCGh6YhMTt2J1SnjsZQBds

They were transferred to this wallet:

  • TEQBe7MdnfEwJ8RK7cjAvjMWmbCa4JgZwc

The funds were then used to vote on a number of SR’s accounts, that are suspected of being run by the Tron Foundation:

  • Poloniex
  • TheLastMe
  • callmeSR
  • BlockchainOrg
  • TRON-Ace
  • uTorrent
  • JustinSunTron
  • TronWalletMe

Added a screenshot below, from the time of this post.

At that time some people noticed it but did not really see a problem with it. It stayed quiet for a time. Nothing happened, untill.

Last month (2020-05-06) when, stuff started happening. About 161 of the 1000 foundation accounts had a different balance from the moment they unfroze.

So we looked at the foundation address page on tronscan, but there was nothing there. Also the links were removed to the individual addresses. As one can see in the link and screenshot below.

Also one other thing was off, the account all seemed fine on that page. So when we looked at the addresses individually, l lot of them ware drained. In the link below you can find the addresses and there original and new balance. This is the current data of the time of writing, and only holds the changed addresses.
If you investigate the addresses and there transactions out, you will find that most of it goes to this address:

  • TJ5GHePdhY7y52ugyu7omwL38xm7ahosr9

There was a LOT of TRX, Wink, and BTT send to this address over 8% of all foundation holdings. After sending them to this address they were divided between these addresses:

  • TC4hENGaRNUUjP6eDi1KMjur1L17ZKYRz7
  • TM3SrVTkXf5q5wih8g85SWXgVZhyfRWgkC
  • TGKsTD2Yir5w59F6cjKdEiJNSYRXuUkzZu
  • TFytz2dheoEXTG4STNsUDc3hHrLsQk3V1s
  • TQvV4R71A4gCp1D7xGfSYQ6BtBNC2EcdeQ

From here it gets tricky to follow, these accounts split all of it into a couple hundred smaller transactions. If you you then follow those they all end up in binance, poloniex and okex.

This is what we found so far, please help and be a part of finding out what is going on. There is a lot of data so to process, to get to the bottom of this.

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Thank you for your alert.
Tronics must know about this truth.
I want to correct you one thing.
TronWalletMe is not form Tron Foundation.
It’s independent company by operating Getty/IO.
You can find the detail in here.
Tron Foundation has TronLink you might know.