Ledger Wallet Guide

TRON is supported by Ledger and several wallets allow you to login with your Ledger:


Source: https://followthemoney.com/how-to-use-ledger-nano-s-as-a-tron-wallet/

How To Move Tron to the Ledger Nano S

Before you start, you need a Ledger Nano S that has been set up properly and that has the latest firmware installed. You will also need to download the Ledger Live app on your computer.

Part 1: Download the Tron app onto your Ledger Nano S

This first part of the process involves the following five steps:

  1. Open Ledger Live on your computer.
  2. Connect your Ledger Nano S device to your computer and enter your PIN.
  3. From the Ledger Live app, click Manager.
  4. On the Legder Nano S, click to allow Manager.
  5. Select “Install” next to Tron.

You will see an “Installing” message while it is installing onto your device.

Note : If you get a message that there is not enough space on your Ledger Nano S device, then you will need to uninstall one or more apps. Try uninstalling one app, then repeat step #5 above. If you still receive a message saying you do not have enough space, uninstall another app.

To uninstall an app using the Manager on Ledger Live, simply click the trash can icon next to the app you wish to uninstall. According to Ledger, uninstalling apps does not affect your cryptocurrency assets, and I have found that to be true in my experience using the Ledger to store many different coins.

Be sure you always keep the Tron app on your Ledger up to date with the latest version of the app. If you do not, you run the risk of this process not working properly.

Part 2: Open the TronScan Web App

The TronScan web app essentially allows you to easily view and navigate your Ledger Tron wallet. Follow the next four steps to open the app.

1. Open the TronScan web app. Always check the URL for accuracy.

2. Under the Sign In drop-down menu, choose Ledger.

3. Open the Tron app on your Ledger Nano S.

To open an app on your Ledger Nano S device, first, be sure your device is connected to your computer and enter your PIN. Scroll to the Tron app and click both buttons simultaneously.

4. Confirm your Tron wallet address on your Ledger Nano S.

You will see your Tron wallet public address scrolling across the screen on your device. Click the check-mark button to confirm the address. If you are opening a Tron wallet for the first time, you will need to send at least 1 TRX to open the wallet.

You will now see your Tron wallet account on the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

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