Migrating your DApp from Ethereum to TRON

For users wishing to deploy existing Ethereum solidity contracts onto the TRON network, there are some key differences to look for:

Units of Currency

Units of currency in TRON smart contracts are TRX and sun . To successfully migrate your Ethereum smart contracts to TRON, please change Ether denominations into TRX denominations, while being mindful of the Ether/TRX market exchange rates . Remember that 1 TRX = 1,000,000 sun. The Ether denomination table is listed here for your reference.

For example, in the below figure, the ether term is changed to trx . At the same time, the average exchange rate of TRX to Ether on this day is 8400 TRX to 1 Ether. Thus, after the units are converted, the quantity is also adjusted to ensure a minimal change in value.

User Pay Ratio

User pay ratio is defined as the ratio of the cost the smart contract user should pay. This parameter accepts any integer between 0 and 100, inclusive. However, it is strongly recommended to set the value between 1 and 99 . The reason is to protect yourself, the contract developer, from malicious infinite loop time-out attacks.

Source: https://developers.tron.network/docs/converting-ethereum-contracts-to-tron