New Incentive Mechanism Unveiled, 50 million TRX Giveaway to SRs

Following the adoption of NO.22 and NO.27 Proposals, the brand-new incentive mechanism for the TRON network has officially entered into force, unfolding a chapter of decentralized voting rewards mechanism. As a significant improvement to TRON’s incentive mechanism, the new mechanism marks an age of Staking for everyone on TRON that boosts user participation on a safer and more efficient network. TRON Foundation will give away 50 million TRX to SRs to thank SRs and inspire greater devotion to a healthy and prosperous TRON network.

About the giveaway:

1. Total rewards: 50 million TRX

2. Eligible recipients: TRON SRs

3. Deadline: 20:00, Nov 30, 2019 (SGT)

4. Rules for rewards distribution

The SR will receive his/her share of rewards in proportion to the SR’s blocks as a percentage of the blocks generated by all participating SRs since the Genesis Block.

5. Claim your rewards

SRs need to submit claiming requests via Google Sheets to TRON Foundation including in their requests the team information and contributions they have made to TRON community in terms of technological innovation, ecological construction, global impact and community operation. SRs found to have undermined the community will be disqualified. After distributing rewards, we will announce the results through various channels.

The rewards will be sent to SRs’ current block generation addresses by default. If a SR needs to change the receiving address, please email us your new address and the reason for change. We will examine carefully.

email address:

request sheet link:

6. Results announcement

We will verify the qualifications of SRs as quickly as possible upon application deadline and will announce the results on TRON official social accounts.

This 50 million TRX giveaway is not only a way to thank our SRs for their outstanding contributions in the past, but also a resolution of TRON to fulfil decentralized network governance in the future. We welcome the participation of more community members to become TRON SRs, and will give out considerable rewards to any team or individual who contributes to TRON. With more community members on board to govern the TRON ecosystem, it will surely grow into a more decentralized, democratic and prosperous network.