Planet BOOM! - How to Play

An Eggies World MiniGame with the chance to win Trx. Play Here

How To Play BOOM!

1/ Go to Eggies World and select Planet BOOM!. You will need a Tron-compatible wallet to play the game.

2/ Take a moment to look over the various sections. Home Page, Dividends Page & Win/Lose Page. Read more Here

3/ If you hold an Eggies World EGG token. Then you will see your Unique Monster in-game. Even the dead ones can exist in ghost form on Planet BOOM!

All those holding active EGGs will earn ORBZ and Stats with each Planet they buy. Dead Monsters do not qualify.

If you play with an active ZEZEEGG you will earn double ORBZ with each planet you buy. Dead Monsters do not qualify.

ZEZEEGG earns double ORBZ

4/ If you do not hold an Eggies World EGG token, you can purchase one from Eggies World: Main Game.

Or Planet BOOM! will assign you Boomer while you play. Read More about our Main Game Here.

All non-EGG holders will play with BOOMER

5/ To Play:

  • Buy planets with Trx and Launch them!
  • Wait for sonic BOOM! Currently set at every 10 minutes. This can change.
  • One colour will explode. All those who bought that colour will LOSE.
  • All who bought the two colours that did not explode will WIN.
  • Select ‘Claim Wins’ to Withdraw any Trx you won.
  • Survive to WIN! Read more about Rewards Here
  • For those with an active EGG each Planet purchased will earn 1 ORBZ. If you hold ZEZEEGG you will earn 2 ORBZ. Dead Monsters do not qualify for ORBZ and Stats. Read more about ORBZ Here and Stats Here. (Coming Soon!)
  • Each BOOM! will set your planet total back to zero. Until you buy some more.

6/ At Stage 1 each 50 trx spent on Planets will earn you 1 BOOM! token. This is a Planet BOOM! dividend token. Further Stages will require more purchases to be rewarded with BOOM! tokens. Read more about BOOM! token Here.

7/ To receive dividends from your BOOM! tokens you will need to FREEZE them!

8/ To Withdraw your daily Dividends select the ‘Claim Wins’ logo in bottom Left Hand corner next to your wallet address.