SR Proposal For Lower Rewards / Inflation Rate

So I know there have been multiple proposals to increase the block rewards [INFLATION OF THE SUPPLY] that goes to SR’s…

In fact at least 1-2 of these proposals have passed if I am not mistaken, correct me if wrong.

I would like to float the idea of starting to reduce the block rewards at some point, in order to decrease the inflation and remove selling pressure from the SR’s and users who may be consistently at some rate trading their Tron for bitcoin to fund their operations. Especially considering most of it goes to holders from most SR’s anyways, I don’t think it will hurt a lot.

Not going to say I don’t love my staking rewards, or that it needs to happen soon, but seems like this would be a good move at some point. A good idea perhaps for it to be in the conversation.

I think you mean voter allowance and not block production rewards. But regardless of that detail, I think the preponderance of selling is coming from the TRON run nodes and not from the voters who receive rewards.

Wasn’t the assumption that higher rewards would encourage TRX ownership / staking and increase the price? Clearly that has not worked.

Thanks for clarifying, that is exactly what I meant. I believe most of the selling comes from the SR’s block production rewards, the ones who are keeping some amount of it and not providing it to holders as voting rewards. But I think it would be best for the ecosystem for those block rewards to start going down, same as what happens with Bitcoin over time with the ‘mining halvings’. TRX needs to become more scarce imo, there has been plenty of time for distribution to get it into many ‘early adopter’s’ hands who will hold it for staking.

Hopefully an SR reads this and makes the proposal. That’s why I made the entry here.