Welcome to Steem!

This will be necessarily short, I am two fingering a tablet, and the layout doesn’t let me see what I am typing!

You can find me here: https://steempeak.com/@freebornangel.

I am happy to assist you in joining our project.
A rising tide raises all ships.

There is a learning curve to steem.
We have built rules up over the last 4 years that help things work better.

We have a contingent that works against steem.
They bs the people and exist only to trade steem for btc.
They have stripped literally 10’s of millions of dollars from true beliebers.

As a result, there can be collateral damage as we combat these reapers of our chain.
If you are down voted, contact me and I will put you in touch with those that can help you better understand why you got down voted.
Some of them are just random, generally the random ones have no impact as their vote values are dust level.
Ignore those.
Steemworld.org/@username is how you find which are which, and much, much more.

Other than that, put out ‘good’ content, comment often on other’s posts, and keep going until your audience finds you.

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Where can we provide suggestions to development in regard to the Steemit blogging platform? I definitely have ideas.